This is right time to invest in cryptocurrency, why?

Careon Chain
This is right time to invest in cryptocurrency, why?
1. The crypto currency is now traded globally and become alternate of printed currency. It’s easy, faster, reliable and private.
2. We have seen exponential growth in cryptocurrency. Highest was 31000%. its huge. Many people become billionaire, and I am one of them.
But in which cryptocurrency you should invest in, there are many in market. But don’t invest in existing cryptocurrency, they are very volatile in nature and you will not get bonus as well. Don’t invest in bitcoin, ether etc.
So now you are thinking, which one? Points to remember before investing in crypto.
1. Buy in ICO (initial coin offering).at the time of ICO price of coin is very low, plus you will get bonus up to 50%.
2. Look at their white paper, team and goals.
I have done some research and found one cryptocurrency REO(CAREONCHAIN) which impressed me a lot and looking forward huge growth as it has strong background and unique platform to support R&D in Hybrid cars market by filling gaps between manufacturer and Researchers. Careonchain is one of a kind which is first blockchain based ICO aims to provide a single platform for R&D of hybrid car technology.
Careonchain is looking forward to partner with Tesla, Honda, Toyota, Volvo and major institutions to create ecosystem which provide momentum in producing next gen hybrid car equipped with modern technology like connected cars, driverless car and built in IOT.
It will be hitting some popular exchanges like HitBTC, YoBit and cryptopia in few months.
• You will get AIR drops once you register to their social media site like telegram, twitter, FB, REDIT
• 20% bonus when you whitelist
• 50% bonus in presales when you buy in Ist week of ICO.
Few more reasons to invest in Careonchain
✓ Own Blockchain
✓ own wallet like (Ether or meta mask)
✓ first blockchain based on R&D for innovation of hybrid car technology
visit their site and read their whitepaper and offers.


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